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Identifying Fraud

Although there is no foolproof formula for detecting fraud, we strongly encourage you to exercise caution if you receive a request from an unspecified or suspicious source/party asking you to provide your personal information.

Fraudulent websites can be difficult to detect, particularly because even the address bar and padlock (a security/privacy feature) that appear in your browser window can be faked. Please ensure that you have landed on a genuine EBSHK website by comparing the address of the site in the Address/Location toolbar of your web browser to the list of EBSHK Home Page URLs listed below:

Should you have any queries, please call our Anti-Fraud Helpline on +852 3920 2980 or our Customer Service Hotline on +852 2822 5001 (Hong Kong), +853 6262 5028 (Macau) or +86 40011 95525 (Mainland).