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Tips on Identifying Fraud and Ensuring Cybersecurity

Beware of online investment scams, e.g. “Ramp and Dump” Scheme

Be skeptical of the identities of anyone you meet online. Fraudsters very often impersonate themselves as well-known investment advisers and market commentators and set up social media groups discussing and offering stock tips or insider information. They may proactively approach you through emails or social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Telegram etc. They bolster a particular stock by actively discussing tips to “ramp” up the stock prices and lure investors to buy the stock at an artificially high price in hopes of further price increase. Once the stock price rises sharply, they will sell or “dump” the stock. Most of the time, the investors do not know the true identities of the fraudsters who lured them into the trap.

Be wary of fraudulent websites and phishing emails

Fraudulent websites can be difficult to detect, particularly when the address bar and the padlock icon (a security/privacy feature) that appear in your browser window can be faked. Please ensure that you land on a genuine EBSHK website.

The addresses of EBSHK’s official websites are listed below:

Be alert to emails purportedly sent from EBSHK or its senior management personnel requesting you to provide your personal details or account information, open documents attached to the emails, click the hyperlinks embedded in the emails, or transfer money to them.


You may contact us to verify the authenticity of emails you received via our Customer Service Hotline at +852 2822 5001 (Hong Kong), +853 6262 5028 (Macau) or +86 40011 95525 (Mainland).


Monitoring your online account

Monitor your online account by logging on to it regularly, and when you receive online statements, emails or SMS notifications from EBSHK. Review the official statements and check all transactions and the account balances upon receipt. Beware of any suspicious changes to your account information such as telephone number, email and/or correspondence address, and login password.

Keep your account information securely

Do not disclose your login ID, password, and/or one-time login password (OTP) of your online account over the phone, social media platforms, SMS or via email to any person including your Wealth Manager, or respond to any unverified request. Do not share with other people, including your Wealth Manager, your computer or mobile device used to access to your online account. Do not authorize any person including your Wealth Manager (other than your duly and officially registered authorized representative) to conduct transactions via your trading account. We highly recommend that you change your passwords regularly and use different passwords for other services, e.g. email and online banking.

Open emails and attachments with caution

Be alerted when opening unexpected emails with attachments, and never click on a hyperlink in a suspicious email. If you really need to open the attachments, always scan them with Internet security software.

Install anti-virus, firewall and anti-spy programs

Install Internet security software with anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall features to perform real-time detection of new viruses, spyware and intrusions on your computer. Enable the auto-update feature to obtain the latest virus and spyware definition files. You are also advised to regularly scan your system.

Keep your devices updated

Update your computer by installing the latest software and patches, and/or update your mobile devices by installing the latest software version, to prevent hackers or viruses from exploiting any known weaknesses in your computer or mobile devices.

Keep good track of your account statements and our emails

Beware of any suspicious transactions in your account by checking your account statements and emails from EBSHK as soon as you receive them. Under no circumstances should you authorize anyone to receive your account statements and other information on your behalf.

Maintain safe practices when you login/logout

Do not access your account with a public computer (e.g. in a cyber cafe). Before logging in to our website, close all browser windows to protect your personal information from unauthorized access from another website. You should always logout from your account after using it.

Report fraud to EBSHK

If you suspect any fraudulent activities or irregularities may have occurred with respect to your account(s), please immediately call our Anti-Fraud Helpline on +852 3920 2980 or our Customer Service Hotline on +852 2822 5001 (Hong Kong), +853 6262 5028 (Macau) or +86 40011 95525 (Mainland).