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Investment & Financing

Through our licensed entity*, Investment and Financing Business keeps up with market trends and optimizes the corporate capitals by investing in sustainable businesses and projects.


Principal Investments

Principal Investment business utilizes own fund to provide clients with offshore financing via subscription of listed and private company equity, bonds or fund formation to support overseas financial needs of merger and acquisition, day to day operation, business expansion, capital expenditure and other offshore capital demand to enhance their enterprise value. Investment income achieved through share dividends, interest payments and asset income.

Main exit channels are Hong Kong or other overseas stock markets first public offerings (IPO), Back Door Listing, Merger and Acquisition (M&A), share transfer, etc. M&A includes mergers, acquisitions, corporate buybacks and management buyouts. IPO with higher investment return is usually the preferred exit channel.

Structured Finance

We aim to deliver innovative financing solutions for leveraged buyouts, strategic mergers and acquisitions, build-ups, re-capitalizations, asset acquisitions, project financing and other capital market activities.

Our goal is to meet clients’ financing needs at different development stages through varied products, including providing loans, subscribing notes and bonds, mezzanine and equity financing.


* Operates via Structured Solutions Limited and China Everbright Securities International Structured Finance Company Limited.