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2. Effective from January 1, 2023, an additional withholding tax has been applied to gross proceeds from the sale of a Publicly Traded Partnership (“PTP”) and certain PTP distributions. Accordingly, new withholding tax arrangement has been adopted by EBSI. Please click here to find out more.

Our Brand

To highlight the brand focus and reflect our new business strategy and positioning as a Greater Bay Area leading wealth management brand, in January 2022, the corporate brand “Everbright Securities International”, wealth management brand “EBSI Wealth”, and service brands “EBSI Private”, “EBSI Forex” and “EBSI Direct” were officially launched. The launch lies at the heart of “One Everbright” and represents our brand new image in the capital market.




Our new TV commercial “Stellar financial services beyond your imagination” launched in September 2022 uses “5-star” culinary skills as metaphor for the star-studded professional teams of our five core businesses (i.e. Wealth Management, Corporate Finance & Capital Markets, Institutional Business, Asset Management, and Investment & Financing) to help clients choose the optimal financial solutions that exceed their imagination. Besides, we bring out the message that “EBSI Wealth” wealth managers carefully craft in-depth, professional global asset allocations for clients.


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