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Institutional Business



Institutional Business includes institutional Equity Sales and Trading, Fixed Income Sales and Trading, Prime Brokerage, Corporate Sales, Institutional Research and Corporate Insurance. Through licensed entities*, we provide institutional clients with top-notch consulting, implementation and solutions with diversified consulting and sales services, as well as inspiring research and analysis.


Institutional Sales

Our Institutional Sales Department provides sales, trading and research services focused mainly on the Asian and Hong Kong markets. We also serve clients worldwide with global execution services in equities. Our trading desk is dedicated to delivering the best executions and value-added high touch trading that align with clients' objectives.

We provide policy research service to leading global institutional investors in Europe, Asia and the U.S. through our subsidiary Everbright Securities (UK) Company Limited, previously known as North Square Blue Oak Limited (“NSBO”), a member of the London Stock Exchange and founded in 2003.



Institutional Research

Our Research Department provides clients with well-thought-through investment ideas so that they can make enlightened and sound investment decisions. We seek to develop a research distribution platform that fits into our holistic Capital Markets strategy.



Sales and Trading

Equity and Fixed Income Sales and Trading teams make full use of their knowledge and experience in the local and international markets to enable institutional investors to access primary market investment opportunities, and provide them with accurate execution services for secondary market transactions and allotments in addition to services such as block trading and securities lending. Based on the different investment and risk management needs of institutional investors, we provide corresponding structured products and fixed income products and services on the back of our strong distribution capabilities.


* Operates via China Everbright Securities (HK) Limited, China Everbright Research Limited, Everbright Securities Investment Services (HK) Limited, Everbright Securities Global (HK) Limited, CES Insurance Consultants (HK) Limited and CES Insurance Agency (HK) Limited.